We are all familiar with the saying – you get what you pay for’. If we are fortunate enough to land a man of substantial income then we know just how true this is. The opposite of this could well be a flirty compliment which leaves the recipient feeling flattered. This may be an undeserved compliment but then again so may be a true one. It is all about perception.

So, how to respond to a flirty compliment? The key is to look beyond the surface and consider the motivations behind the comment. Is it perhaps an attempt at flirting with your intelligence or maybe it is an indication that he sees your sense of humour and wishes to maintain contact with you. If this is the case then the reply should be in the same manner as you would to a flirt or a smile. Laughing it off is not advisable because then the person giving the compliment will feel dejected and this will not help to alleviate any feelings of inferiority. In fact it may even make matters worse by creating the impression that you are not confident or less attractive than the person who gave the compliment.

As an alternative the best thing to do would be to acknowledge the comment with a casual ‘Thanks for the compliments’. However, do not dismiss it out of hand or turn into a tyrant. Let the giver enjoy his success and leave you to enjoy your success. Laugh it off! But, if the giver does feel dejected or even more inferior than before, then you need to step in and offer a sincere apology.

The key to understanding how to respond to a flirty compliment is to remember that we all have various levels of attractiveness. What one woman might find sexy another may find unattractive. One man might find a particular physical trait attractive and another may find it totally repulsive. It is important that we recognise the varying degrees of beauty and accept it as such. This can only be achieved if we are comfortable with the compliment-we must feel at ease.

So, when the subject of how to respond to a compliment comes up-know that you are in a partnership with the person giving the compliment. If you do not feel comfortable with the entire situation then the whole idea will have been lost. Try to determine if the other person feels the same way about you. If so then you are free to move on to someone else.

How to react to a compliment like ‘you look good today’ by someone who finds you attractive? Do not immediately try to convince the person that he/she looks better than you. For one thing, it is unlikely that they would feel that way about you if they actually perceived you as looking worse than you do now. Asking them if they feel that way would be a waste of time. Instead, take a moment to admire their face and say some kind words.

How to respond to a flirty compliment from a woman, which has no underlying meaning? First, you must remember that women are not in the habit of giving compliment. They feel that the act of giving compliments is somehow insulting. So, when you give a compliment, consider how the person might feel. Consider how you will feel when they respond positively to the compliment.

You do not have to take every compliment in the same way that others might. When you receive a compliment, don’t think that you need to respond in a typical way. That will just make you appear like a wimp. Rather, let the compliments roll off your shoulders and allow them to flow naturally like water from a waterfall.

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