How to accept a compliment is a frequently asked question among many people. Whether you’re shy or not, being complimented is always nice. Of course, not everyone will be happy with your answer for one reason or another so here are some things you should know on how to politely accept compliments.

If you’re the type of person who always feels uncomfortable when someone compliments you or says something good about you, check out these helpful tips to help you better learn how to accept a compliment. Before saying something nice about yourself first, consider whether the person is worthy of being complimented. Always accept someone being complimented for the real reasons behind the compliment (not because they look or sound good) and don’t let yourself get defensive. Use grace.

Be graceful. Be very gentle when you respond to compliments-this goes the same with being awkward. Don’t get defensive. Be polite. Do it naturally, just like you would when you would give an answer to a simple question.

Don’t let others tell you how to respond to compliments. If you accept compliments, why would you need to hear someone telling you to be more grateful? The world is full of people who are grateful for whatever they get in life; why should you have to resort to complaining? If you don’t have a genuine gratitude for anything, how can someone else tell you how to accept it?

The best way to accept something like a compliment is to acknowledge that it’s a kind word. This shows that you are a generous and kind person. When you acknowledge it, the other person knows that you’ve put your best foot forward and that you’d appreciate the kindness. This can build trust. Kindness is what you need to open up more and gain more.

You don’t have to immediately say thank you after you receive a compliment. Just as you don’t have to say thank you when someone has done you a favor, neither do you have to when someone has said a kind word to you. Don’t let yourself worry about being able to find the right words. The worst part about being gracious with a compliment is when it seems like you’re just brushing it aside with a smile and saying “it’s nothing” or “oh, I don’t really deserve it.” If someone has raised your self-esteem with a kind word, then you owe it to yourself to say thank you.

How to accept compliments without being a phony There are those who believe that if you accept an award, you have crossed the Rubicon and become an impostor. Well, anyone who thinks that way clearly has never received any kind of compliment in his life. So, how to accept a compliment without being an impostor syndrome is not an easy question to answer.

It all boils down to how you see yourself. If you want to raise your self-esteem, treat all compliments with the same respect. When someone does you a favor, even if it is just a kind word, think about how good it makes you feel. If you treat all compliments with this attitude, then you won’t be needy, mean, or boastful. Instead, you’ll treat all compliments with gratitude and with a good enough attitude that the compliment doesn’t matter as much as the recipient appreciates it. This way, you’ll always know how to accept a compliment with respect and you’ll have a much better understanding of the value of appreciation itself.

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