How to compliment a girls body is one of the most asked questions by both men and women alike. Especially if you are a guy, we all want to look our best. Unfortunately, we have to accept the fact that looks don’t last forever. So how to compliment a girls body if you are a guy?

Be complimentary to her. She doesn’t expect you to be doing all the running around and picking out flattering clothes for her. However, make it a sincere effort to think of compliments as being positive reinforcement for what you are doing to improve your appearance and that will surely be reciprocated.

Compliments are supposed to be sincere. If you don’t feel it’s sincere, you shouldn’t offer it. If you do give compliments, make sure you do it at the right time and in the right place. It would be better not to leave her waiting too long before giving her a compliment. Or you can leave her waiting too long before giving a compliment yourself.

A good compliment will never come out of the blue. Even if you mean to give her a compliment, she won’t expect it. Compliments should be delivered with warmth, enthusiasm, and with genuine feelings. Compliments are supposed to be sincere.

If she knows you appreciate her attractiveness or her figure, she will automatically be flattered. A compliment isn’t supposed to be delivered with a certain form of forced air – compliments should come from your heart. She wants you to tell her how beautiful she is, this is a way to do it.

How to compliment a girls body doesn’t mean just staring at her to admire her beauty. Girls take more interest in their appearance than they do in their personality. Therefore, when you are talking to her about her body, make sure you pay attention to her overall physical appeal, but pay special attention to her personality.

When you tell a girl she looks nice, don’t say “Oh, I don’t know… I just thought it looked nice.” You need to tell her how you saw her attractive. This is the best way to really compliment a girls beauty because she will pick up on your true feelings for her instantly. She will also notice how you are admiring her body, and this is very attractive to most women.

Women love compliments, but not all compliments are flattering. Compliments should always be sincere. If you don’t think she’s pretty enough, tell her this without the comment about her appearance. Compliments are also important because they make the girl feel special. In order for her to feel special, she has to believe that you think she’s unique, and that she is the only woman for you.

The way you lift her up is another important aspect of complimenting a girls body. If you can hold her upper body with your shoulder and help her down from above with your forearm, this is a great way of complimenting her body. Many times guys just start by giving the “good look” which is where they put their hands right above her head. This is a big no-no, because women absolutely hate this “body-hugging” technique.

Instead, when you compliment a girls body, put your hand right below her breast. Make sure you keep it there for a second, before you move it to the side. This will show her that you actually notice her body, without her feeling like she has to fake it.

When you are talking to her, compliment her on the way her body moves. Does she have nice hips? Are her legs nice and shapely?

There are many more different ways on how to compliment a girls body. You just need to be creative and don’t stick to what you think looks best. A compliment can mean different things to different people. Some people find that giving them a pat on the back or a hug works well. It’s just really all about your personality and how you want to be appreciated.

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