How to compliment a guy in bed is very important if you want to be a good lover. There are many ways on how to compliment a guy in bed, but one way that you can start right now is by appreciating the good qualities that he already has. Here are other ways on how to compliment a guy in bed.

When complimenting a man, always note the following areas when giving compliments. You could compliment guys like how handsome he looks, compliments for nice-looking guys, funny words like sweet talk, or sexy compliments for hot-looking guys. Note the areas where you are able to apply the best qualities that you have noticed.

When complimenting him, give him sweet compliments. Sweet compliments are compliments about his physical appearance. Some examples of this kind of compliments are: “You are really handsome”, “You have nice muscles” or “You look slimmer than before”. The point here is to give compliments with regards to his physical attributes.

Some examples of sexy compliments are: “You look terrific in that blue shirt of yours”, “You always end up looking slimmer after you workout in your shirt” or “I saw you in that red bikini wearing that fish-net top last week”. These sorts of compliments are perfect for hot-headed guys like us. On the other hand, some people like to hear sweet compliments.

The truth is that the best words to use when you are talking to a guy in bed are your own words. Using someone else’s words will not make you sound more attractive to him. Here are the best words to use on your guy when learning how to compliment a guy in bed.

-“You look stunning in that cut-offs.” If you want to learn how to compliment a guy on his looks then this is the perfect compliment to throw in. This will instantly add some sexy points to the conversation. You could also compliment him on his physique but it is important not to say it with too much force.

-“I really admire how much you work out.” If you are impressed by his fitness routine, this is a perfect compliment. It’s not a cop-out either. Be as honest as possible and tell him that he is an incredible man. You could also tell him that you wish you could do that as well.

In conclusion, if you want to learn how to compliment a guy in bed you need to be yourself. Be compliments worthy. Avoid saying something cheesy like “You look amazing” or “You make me so glad I hired you”. Be as sincere as possible. Keep the compliments coming!

The way how to compliment a guy in bed is to be yourself and not complain about anything. Compliment him on his physical attributes only. Do not say anything negative about his personality or inner qualities. Keep the compliments coming and you will have him drooling at the thought of you giving him a soft kiss on the cheek or on the back of his neck. And don’t stop with compliments, continue your undying love for him with hugs and kisses on his cheeks, forehead, back and other parts of his body.

So how to compliment a guy in bed starts with being yourself. This is not about turning him into someone he does not want to be with; this is not about pretending to be something that you are not. If you want to get him to fall in love with you, stop trying to change him and become someone that you are not. You can not have a fulfilling sex life with someone that cannot commit to you completely. So if you are looking for that right person to make your sexual adventures with you more pleasurable and exciting, then you need to show your man exactly what you are capable of.

Another great way how to compliment a guy in bed is to tell him how beautiful he is. You could start by kissing him good night and then putting a little rose petal on his lips. This will surely get his attention. Next you could tell him that your eyes are so gorgeous and that he would love to see them mesmerized and aroused. This will surely lead to him thinking of you every time he looks at his reflection in the mirror.

Of course, there is no exact way on how to compliment a guy in bed. You might just find that what worked for your friend works for you too. This is the beauty of relationships, you are free to try whatever you think will work for you. The important thing is that you are confident in yourself and that you know how to get the things that you want out of the relationship. Most women are afraid to their competence in bed because they are not sure if they can perform well. However, with a little effort and confidence in yourself, you can surely master the art of how to compliment a guy in bed.

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